Meet Us

“Being culturally aware and striving to address racial issues in our community or our workforce is particularly challenging  yet also rewarding. I continue to educate myself and learning from others experiences is a great tool.”

Whatever Daniel wants to express to all the adoring fans.

“I’m so glad to part of this team!  I’ve always believed that diversity is part of what makes America wonderful, and that humility and acceptance are admirable traits.  Let’s see how good we can get things around here!”

“Trauma is not about who you are, it is about what happened to you, but many who have experienced it don’t know that.  Let that sink in a moment… it “is not about who you are…but many…don’t know that.”  If we can impact that message, that belief, it can change the trajectory of a child’s, an adult’s life.  I want to be a part of something that can affect that type of change.”      

“As someone in an interracial relationship, I have seen too often the negative reaction towards my relationship and how cultural stigmas influence my husband’s daily interactions and decisions. Being part of this group, I want to help create an environment of cultural awareness and competency, so that all staff, visitors and clients feel safe, accepted and respected when working with us.”

“My hope is that one day, people from all walks of life can embrace their differences and unite for the betterment of our community and world. My vision for this blog is that us, as a Burke community, will be able to feel closer and more connected to each other regardless of the program or department you work for.”

Sarah’s words of wisdom will go right here.